Your online CTO

Do you need help with your technical strategy and product roadmap? 
Do you think you should be getting more out of your development team, but don't know how? 
Are your releases always late? 
Do you think you are being over charged for your development? 
Are you looking to hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?
Are you searching for a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or CTO?

I am an innovative software executive with over 19 years of progressive responsibility in company-wide strategic business development, product development, technical innovation and P/L responsibility.  I am a technology start up / turn around specialist.

Some of my skills include: 

* Setting IT strategic vision for long-term objectives coupled with a practical ability to identify and address short-term needs.
* Solid track record in taking new products to market.
* Proven success in executing projects, hiring staff and managing vendors.
* Skilled in social media strategy, marketing, and management
* Experienced in Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Voice of the Customer (VOC) implementation and strategy
* Experienced in SEO and online advertising strategies
* Extensive background in executing large-scale product, operational, and technical plans. 
* Accomplished Architect of successful Internet technology based systems.
* Proven expertise at increasing efficiency and quality of application system delivery
* Skilled negotiator with extensive history with major vendors and outsourcers.

I require a retainer to engage. Sorry, no equity-only or success-fee only projects.